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A trained surveyor, Bachisio Camboni founded his construction company “2C Costruzioni” in Alghero in 1983. He brought his building yard  experience, knowledge and values to this venture. For the past 30 years, 2C Costruzioni has become an example of how business savvy can  incorporate the human touch. 2C's  reputation among the local specialty businesses it collaborates with is a testament to Camboni's work ethic:  carpenters, flooring experts and wiring/plumbing/heating firms have formed an extended family of sorts. 2C Construction is a solid and dynamic  company characterized by its responsiveness to evolving trends in building science. It stands out in the construction market thanks to its  innovative spirit and architectural know-how, combining managerial business sense with environmental consciousness.
Construction Company Your dream home by the sea
Click HERE to see the  video of some of the  many beauties to be  discovered in the city  of Alghero. 
2C Costruzioni S.r.l   via Paoli, 28   07041 Alghero (SS)  p.i. 02322380904
2C Costruzioni S.r.l. via Pasquale Paoli 28 07041 Alghero (SS)                  +39 335.490187 +39 347.5468960